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FFF #26 – Fall Family Portrait Outfits

Fall Family Style

Fall family portrait outfits are easier than other seasons to put together. Layers work well. Jackets aren’t needed. The weather is overall more comfortable. Muted colors and yellows are always great for the fall season, but try to be careful with browns, oranges and greens. Always think about the location of your session when considering colors.

Layering, accessories and textures are alway great for the fall. as we transition towards colder weather and sweater season. It’s easier to make everyone in the photo happy. Just try not to go overboard. Not everyone needs to have all the elements in their outfit.

In this collection, there’s 2 patterns. The one on the boy’s shirt is very faint. It also adds more texture than color. The girl’s top adds muted colors that complement the other outfits. The mother has layering with the blazer and some texture and pattern in her color. As usual, we like to keep dad’s outfit simple with just a casual button up shirt.

There’s always room for lots of versatility for fall family portrait outfits.


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