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FFF #27 – Untraditional Fall Wardrobe For Fall Family Portrait

If you’re planning on a fall family portrait, don’t hesitate to stray away from typical fall colors and fashion if it doesn’t suit your family’s style. The most important part is that everyone feels like themselves. Keep this in mind and you can’t go wrong!

Fall Family Fashion Black & Red

The father’s sweater has plenty of texture and the children’s clothing has patterns and layering. Therefore, we kept the mother’s attire pretty simple with a classic black sweater dress. Normally, we wouldn’t suggest two plaid patterns, but it works because one is in the upper portion of the picture and the other is in the lower. They have similar colors and won’t clash in the fall family portrait. They also look great with just the mother’s outfit and just the father’s. This is important because we always try to capture each pair in the family too.

As always, dress for whatever keeps your family most comfortable for the fall family portrait. You want to look like you are going to the same event, but not identical. Don’t make one person too dressed up and another person too casual. Always try to find a balance.


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