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FFF #28 – Family Fall Portrait Sessions With Neutrals

Fall Family Fashion Neutrals

Neutrals are always great for any time of the year, especially family fall portrait sessions. As you can see the collection above was kept very simple. The only pattern is in the girl’s dress. There’s not a ton of texture going on. The mother’s cobalt necklace provides a tiny bit of layering, but mostly a pop of color to complement the daughter’s dress. If someone is on the paler side, be sure to not put them in such a light cream color. Just because we are using this as an example does not mean it needs to be copied exactly. Always choose colors and styles that suit you and your family best.

Per usual, the father and son’s attire was kept even simpler. Don’t forget that gray is a neutral. People can associate gray with too casual of clothes, but as long as the shirt is well-kept without any clothing pills you’re in the clear. The son’s polo is a reddish brown. It can be challenging choosing the right brown for your fall family session. You want to be careful not to pick one that blends in too much with whatever location you have mind.

As always, dress everyone comfortable and your session will be a success!


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