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Family Fashion Friday #3 – Relaxed & Laid-Back

Maybe after all these style posts, you still feel like you’re fashion sense isn’t strong enough to do something, or maybe you’re family is very active and athletic and rarely gets dressed up together. That’s great, and you should dress how you would normally dress when attending an outing as a family, not how you think you should dress. This way your portrait won’t go viral on one of those awkward family portrait sites.

In the 90’s, everyone wearing the same outfit in a family portrait was very popular. Even though that is a very easy fashion option, because it was associated with a decade, it makes that style very dated. The option below is just as easy and much more interesting. When putting everyone in jeans, make sure they’re all not the same blue. It’s okay if they’re similar, but try to choose varying denim washes. You don’t have to get crazy with patterns or layering either, just be careful with color blocking. Color blocking would be if each family member had on the same type of shirt with a different color. That can also be borderline tacky. In the set below, the blocks are broken up by the son and father’s shirt. the young girl’s shirt also adds texture not only because of the fabric, but because of the way it lays.

Relaxed Family Portrait Attire #2

It’s important to remember that when wearing more relaxed clothing, the clothing should look new. It should not be worn or faded. This will keep the portrait from looking too relaxed. Stripes are almost always safe (as long as they are not bold and overstated). The mother’s sweater adds texture with the ruching in the wait and sleeves. Each outfit below is comfortable and sure to make each family member happy.

Relaxed Family Portrait Attire 1

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