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Family Fashion Friday #4 – Colorful Spring Style

If you aren’t afraid of color, then this week’s Family Fashion Friday is for you! The studio is now booking Spring sessions and it is the perfect time of year for bright colors.

Even though it’s exciting to get out your Spring wardrobe, keep in mind that all the same principles we’ve been talking about still hold true. Stick with basic patterns and timeless styles. In the collection below, the boy’s plaid shirt is monochromatic and doesn’t interfere with the more brighter striped shirt of the other boy’s shirt. It’s always best to keep the father’s shirt simple. A man’s broad shoulders and upper body can easily make a simple pattern overstated in a portrait. It doesn’t mean a pattern is completely out of the question, it just means to be mindful of it when choosing the father’s attire. Lastly, the mother’s dress adds texture with the bottom of the dress and layers with the orange belt.

Colorful Spring Style


A bright green is daring, but also a great green for outdoor shots because it won’t blend in with the natural background. The balance of the calming blues and denim help tame the greens. A fitting polka dotted dress for a young daughter and a striped polo for a young son are perfect to keep the portrait interesting. The daughter’s dress also adds layers and the mother’s top has great layering and textures. The father’s shirt follows the same idea as above. Keeping it simple so a pattern doesn’t overtake the entire portrait.

Color Spring Family Fashion #2

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