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Family Portrait Fashion

Selecting outfits for each family member for a portrait can seem overwhelming. We’ve given our top tips in the past and we put together an infographic to help you keep it easy. You can check us out on Polyvore to see a few of the set that we’ve recently put together. Below the infographic, you can check out a few of the sets we’ve put together and why they work. Follow us on Polyvore and check back on the blog weekly, to see what we chose what we did. This will make it easier for you to show up comfortable and confident in your choices and be able to relax and be yourselves!


This clothing collection was set by the young girl’s dress. It’s a bold and colorful pattern, so it was the only pattern that was used. All the other outfits were chosen based around the colors in the dress. The father and son are dressed nice, but comfortable. The mother’s outfit adds a pop of color and and the accessories add some texture that complement the dress and also coordinate with the father and son outfits.

Casual Spring Family Portrait


This summer family collection was specifically designed to be comfortable. Keeping the summer heat in mind, loose and breathable fabric is important to keep the entire family comfortable during the session. The mom’s shorts were the inspiration for this set. Her top offers textures. The little boy’s plaid shirt is not conflicting because the floral shorts are subdued. The father’s outfit is especially casual and comfortable and complements the other outfits. The young girl’s dress is cotton and casual, complementing the Mom’s top as well as adding a pop of light.

Summer Family Portrait

This elegant holiday collection was designed with a studio session in mind. There are actually quite a few patterns in this collection. It works well because all the patterns are not bold and in several colors. The father’s blazer is such a small pattern that it adds texture more than anything. The red accessories add pops of color that compliment the skirt. Notice how all the red pops will not fall at the same level in the portrait. The red belt will fall in-between the skirt and headband. The young girl’s lace dress adds lots of texture and compliments the other sister’s top and mother’s outfit. The father’s outfit is classic, which a subtle plaid pattern.

Elegant Holiday Family Portrait



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