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FFF #25 – Family Portrait Ideas For Fall Jackets

Here’s some quick tips for family portrait ideas with fall jackets using this collection as an example. If your family has nice jackets and you’re doing a session during a chilly fall morning or evening, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear them in the photo.  It can be a quick and easy way to obtain a festive feel. Just be sure that the jackets can be taken off and everyone still looks great together!

Family Fall Fashion With Outerwear

Here are a few things to keep in mind when coming up with family portrait ideas involving jackets:

– Stick to neutral colors
– Make sure jackets aren’t too bulky and are still flattering
– Be sure to wear a top and pants that are complemented by the jacket
– Be mindful of the shirt under the jacket in case someone gets too warm
– Remember you don’t have to be accessorized from head to toe

Jackets are functional and they keep you warm. However, they also need to be fashionable in this case.  It definitely makes it a bit more complicated. But it can be worth it too. The jackets give a few different looks without official wardrobe changes.



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