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FFF #14 – Light & Summery

We are keeping family fashion Friday fun this week with some light and summery colors. When it comes to styling your family session, there are infinite possibilities and exceptions to every rule. Use your best judgement and please don’t ever hesitate to call the studio to ask us.

In the set below, both children have patterns. Again, there’s always a few exceptions. This works because both patterns are small. From a few steps away they could act just as textures, especially the plaid shirt. Because there are patterns on both of the children’s outfits, we stuck with simple colors for the mother and father. However, we didn’t want it to just be color on color when the parent stood next to each other so we added a necklace against the mother’s shirt for a pop of color. The little girl also has a headband, but otherwise there’s not a lot of other textures or elements because of the two patterns.

Spring Family Portrait

The next set is pretty simple and only has one pattern, which all the other outfits were chosen around to match. We did the same thing with the necklace on the mother’s dress as we did above. This is definitely a safer, but still fun option!

Spring/Summer Family of 4

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