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FFF #18 – Dressy Casual

We are just dropping in quickly to share with you the latest Family Fashion Friday. This week’s post combines casual and dressy elements. Combining these styles can keep all the different personalities in a family happy during a session. The mother’s outfit is the dressiest. Her white pants and pearl earrings are classy. Her top adds a great texture and is a flattering fit. The father’s outfit gets a bit more laid back with his khakis and polo. It’s very subtle, just to keep the collection from getting too busy.

All the children are wearing denim. The youngest girl is wearing a simple denim jumper with some ruffles and a bow in the front. The headband adds a pop of color (and cuteness). The boy is wearing jeans with a simple dress shirt. His sleeves can be rolled up too make him more comfortable. We made sure his jeans weren’t the same color as the oldest daughter’s because they would be standing right next to each other in a few pictures. The oldest daughter has the most color and the most texture. The colorful ruffles create a fun striped pattern that can show someone’s personality without overstating it. The glass beaded necklace added quickly takes this look from being just casual to a little dressier.

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