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FFF #20 -Timeless Studio Portraits

Timeless Studio Style 4

Happy 4th of July everyone! Many people think that the summer begins today. With the weather we’ve been experiencing, it is certainly summer! We are talking about studio style again this week because July is not always the best weather for outdoor portraits. Hot and humid weather will inevitably make someone either start to sweat or get a little dewey. Your kids might start running around and before you know it their hair is wet and matted down to their forehead.

The studio is always an option and again, you can wear whatever you want in the air-conditioning. The collection above is an updated version of the white shirt and khakis pants trend that has been very popular. Adding in more texture and variations of grays, creams and whites makes this a look that you can feel good about for years to come.

One important characteristic of this collection is to note that the father and son are not wearing the same color shirt or pants. When two people are around the same height, you want to be careful not to put them in the exact same color top and bottom. It will blend together and it will not be aesthetically pleasing when the stand next to each other.

We know that it isn’t possible to recreate the exact looks we suggest each week. We hope to provide a little inspiration for you to find what works best for your family.

Have a great holiday everyone!


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