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FFF #21 – Muted & Masculine Attire

Family of 5 - Spring and Summer

Today’s collection is geared towards families with all boys. It can be limiting when it comes to accessorizing, layering and textures especially in the warmer months so today we have a few options to help keep the family’s wardrobe interesting in the portrait.

Patterns for boys and mens are limiting and are typically stripes or plaids. Both of these can be distracting if there’s too much going on. Choose the larger plaids and stripes for a smaller child. If you’re choosing one for the father keep it smaller to the point that it doesn’t look so much like a pattern, but a texture.

Textures are also limited in boys and mens’ spring and summer apparel. A variation in textures can be achieved simply just by using different fabrics. You can also add in texture to the mother’s outfit. In the collection above the mother’s dress had a bit of lace texture in the top. Just because a woman’s outfit can easily have texture, layers, patterns and accessories doesn’t mean it should. A mother can still look feminine in a group of boys, but it doesn’t need to be overdone.

It’s always best to not over think it and dress what your family is most comfortable in, that will show in your portraits!


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