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Yesterday I had the opportunity to travel to the Philly area and attend the I Love Light workshop given by Easton Reynolds and Mike Allebach. Easton and his wife Laura, run LuRey Photography, and Mike is the original Tattooed Bride Photographer. Really, they are both super cool, super passionate photographers who are working to elevate the industry and share their knowledge. Easton spent most of the day sharing his passion for light and breaking down the technical stuff so people could get a grasp on controlling light. If you’ve ever studied off camera lighting, and read about aperture, shutter speed, ratios, guide numbers, zooming, or modifiers, you have probably felt a little overwhelmed. Easton broke all that stuff down, and made sure those attending had their “A HA” moment.

He shared his lighting set ups, he explained different modifiers, different types of lights, the basic lighting set ups that everyone should know such as Rembrandt, Split, Butterfly, Broad, and Short Lighting. He went into detail about how aperture and shutter speed affect flash and available light. Inverse Square Law? Yep, covered that and gave a real world example so it wasn’t just a bunch of techie talk. He spent a good deal of time explaining how different modifiers affect the spread of light. In the photo at top left, you can see him attaching a grid to flash. Using the white screen as his subject, he shot tethered and fired the light at the screen. He cycled through several modifiers which allowed everyone to see exactly how the light changed.  There were also models present and he worked with them so everyone could see how light changes on the human face as you move it and modify it.

One of my favorite parts of Easton’s talk was “The Art of the Second Shot.” This is the idea of taking a photo and then looking for an “outside the box” way of taking the same photo. An example he showed was a groom getting ready on the wedding day. He took the obvious shot of the groom standing in his room, getting ready, and tying his tie. The thing was, the photo could have been taken anywhere and didn’t really tell a story as to where the wedding was being held. I’m going to get the location wrong, but it was a destination wedding in a tropical setting. So to tell the story, Easton actually backed out of the room, and shot from the outside in. Using the sliding glass doors he captured the reflection of the blue sky, clouds, and palm trees. In the room, he put a single light on the groom. So now he could expose for the dramatic sky and still light the groom inside. I wish I had the example to show you but trust me, the idea of “The Second Shot” is a great way to think of new ideas. He talked about practicing this by not moving your subject and just looking for new angles, and new ways to light the same photo. It can make a HUGE difference in the final photograph.

Later in the afternoon, Mike took the reigns and we went on a photo walk. Mike has helped release Profoto’s new B2 lighting system. You can see his video right here. It’s incredible and I highly recommend checking it out. I’m actually in love with the portability of these lights and hope to pick up a pair eventually. Everyone got a chance to shoot with the lights and we spent some time inside, shooting in a dark area of his studio and then we were off to a local park. At the park we were able to see how mobile the system is and is was a phenomenal way to create some dramatic portraits while the sun was setting. It can be powered up if you’re looking for more dramatic, edgy light. Or you can turn the power down and mix it with the natural light. Everything can be controlled from a transmitter which is mounted on your camera’s hot shoe. Not only is Profoto well known for their quality lights, they’re also known for their modifiers and they don’t disappoint with this system. There are a number of modifiers available specifically for the B2s.

If you know me, you know I’m somewhat of a lighting geek and start to babble a little when I talk about lights and modifiers. It was an awesome to spend time learning from Easton and Mike. The passion they have is contagious and they are definitely two photographers you should keep an eye on. Thank you both for an incredible workshop and keep killing it!!

  • Crissy Everhart - Great review, Artemus!! Easton and Mike are definitely two pros to watch in this industry. I definitely recommend the class.

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