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Learning to Unplug!



Learning to unplug has been a challenge. I’ve tried a few times before and had zero success. And I’m not even talking about 100% unplugging. I’m talking about the few hours in the evening I have at home with my family. I’ve started to make a real effort to not only put my phone away, but TURN IT OFF COMPLETELY in the evening. I’m about two weeks in and you know what, it’s awesome! The first few days were a challenge. Seriously. If you’re self employed, you know that it’s like your lifeline to your business. Emails, social media, texts, etc. They are always there and need answered. You know what? They don’t. Not ALWAYS. They absolutely do not ALWAYS need answered. It okay to take time for yourself. It’s okay to take time for your family. In fact, it’s not just okay, it’s needed. The biggest change I’ve experienced is that end of day stress that is telling me to keep checking email. Keep checking social media. It’s just TOO MUCH! So I’ve started shutting the phone off and putting it away where I can’t even see it. In fact, it’s on the second floor where I have to work to get to it. It’s made such a change and I’m more present with everyone at home. I’m spending more time playing with my kids. My wife and I can have a conversation without her having to want to chuck my phone out the window. Just because you’re self employed doesn’t mean you can’t take time to yourself. Set hours, stick to those hours, and shut it down. Give it a try. You might be amazed by the difference .


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