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My Secret Passion (Food Photography)


If you don’t already know, I spent a great number of years in the restaurant industry. And I loved it. There’s something about the romance involved with a great meal that I’ve always enjoyed. There are days when I really miss it, but then I remember what it’s like to spend an evening in the weeds and think better of the whole thing. But I think I’m rambling. Anyway, since I have ┬álove for restaurants, and a love for photography, it’s only natural that the two should come together for a love of food photography. It’s something I’m still working on as it requires it own skill set, but I definitely love getting the macro lens out and photographing some food. I recently had the honor of photographing Saon Brice, who’s probably one of the rising starts of the culinary world. I can’t wait to follow his career and if I can hold onto his coat tails long enough, maybe I can get a James Beard award for photography some day. Hey, anything’s possible. Right? Right. Have a great day everyone and go get some great food for lunch! If you want me to photograph it, bring it on by the studio and we’ll light it up!


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