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FFF #29 – Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather

Now that we’re in the midst of the fall season, it’s sweater weather and will be for the next several months. Sweaters are great for portraits because they add so much texture and diversity. In this particular collection, we went a little bit more colorful. We kept the father’s sweater a neutral color so it wouldn’t get blocky. The mother’s sweater is much more vibrant than the son’s so this is helpful too.

Everything is centered around the daughter’s sweater. Her sweater is the only one with a pattern in the group. It’s a pretty colorful and bold pattern so anything else, with all the sweater texture would have been too busy.

Keep these things in mind when planning bolder outfits for a portraits:

  • Be sure it goes with the personality of your family.
  • Make it bold and then scale it back a little bit. This way you know it’s not too bold.
  • Keep in mind all the elements and if there’s too much of one, like texture during sweater weather season then avoid another that would be conflicting. Such as accessories, like we we did in this collection.

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