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If anyone has the secret to a successful balance between work, and life, please forward it to the studio. I’m writing this after a long night of working in the studio, falling asleep at my desk, waking up shivering because “sooooo cold,” and now watching the sun rise while I cling to a cup of coffee for dear life. You’re probably wondering why I wouldn’t just go home. The thing is, I was home. I went home after an incredible day of work so I could see the boys, and Amy. Although it was only for a couple hours it was totally worth it because I got to put the boys to bed, read them a story, and kiss them goodnight. And after their smiles faded to drooling slumber, I knew it was time to get some more work accomplished.

I also knew there was snow on the way. Again. And I needed to be at the studio today to prepare for the week. So I headed out the door, drove back to the studio, and worked until I fell asleep in my chair. It was not the best night’s sleep. I think I woke up 251 times in different states of delirium. In fact, although I think I’m awake now, I could very well be writing the same paragraph I wrote to begin this post. My brain is still sleeping.

If you’re self employed, you’ve probably experienced this struggle on more than one occasion. The good news is this: I have a plan in place to avoid this situation in the future. Actually, that’s not true, I’m going to go make a plan. Right now. And that’s why this post is coming to an end. Really. It’s not because I’m falling asleep again or need to go cling to my coffee. You know what? This post is coming to an end because I’m in a zombie like state and can’t understand my own writing. I’m going to have breakfast. Because breakfast makes everything better. Good night.

  • Scott Titanish - Look into Dale Carnegie’s class called skills for success. It is a 3 hour a night 8 week course but it is all about work/life balance. It also covers interpersonal relations, stress management and a lot more. It might be just the thing you need.

  • Artemas - Scott, thanks for the advice! They have an office not far from me and this sounds like a great idea. It probably IS just the thing I need!

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